Andrew Marton Richardson

I am a DIT / DMT, VTR / video assist, and motion capture technician from Toronto, Ontario. I am an Affiliate Member of the Canadian Society of Cinematographers.

In 2015, I graduated Carleton University and Algonquin College in Ottawa with my Bachelor of Information Technology and Advanced Diploma in interactive Multimedia & Design.

Later in 2015 I started working as the technical project manager and motion capture technician for Fast Motion Studios, a Toronto-based new media production company that offers motion capture, stunt action, and production services. Through Fast Motion Studios I worked on a variety of video games, film, and television productions.

In 2016 I was brought on board as a tech with the creative team at MetaVRse, a VR-focused brand engagement company in Toronto. I planned, coordinated, and shot all in-house 360 video content while taking into account the major differences between filming in 360-degrees versus traditional video.

As of 2017 I started working Freelance as a DIT / DMT, Video Assist, and 2nd AC for several independent and commercial productions throughout Ontario and Québec.

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